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Hey Friend!

Bio's are hard and a lot of pressure. So here we go!

I am so happy you've found your way here! Welcome! Many of you know me as Raven Jayy from my social platforms, and the truth is.... it's a spinoff of a nickname my mom actually gave me. I've always been Ray Jay to her, but Ray Jay just gives me "One Wish" vibes. So I changed it!


I am that girl that always brings up Jesus, I workout often and cook even more. I studied Criminal Justice with a minor in African American Studies at Wayne State University and somehow turned out to be a serial entrepreneur. Crazy, I know.


I have a passion for helping others really unlock their potential in every way possible. Whether it be spiritually, financially, physically or even mentally! Your faith matters, your finances matter, your health matters, and your mental matters too. 

Remember, I believe in you in all that you do!

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